Kelli Frances Corrado is a professional songwriter and mulit-instrumentalist, who has be playing for over ten years. Her music has been home to recordings, grants, sound installations and artist-in-residency programs. She has studied music theory, ear training and voice privately with Ann Bergsma and Dorothey Klotzmen (Julliard). Kelli has worked with producers Brian Deck (Iron and wine), Jeffery Mcnulty (Vera Project) and many talented musicians. She has toured nationally and internationally performing at cavernous venues like E'Space B in Paris to world renown experimental theater, On The Boards, Seattle. Her music has been featured on a wide spread of radio stations from BBC6 radio, London to Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle. Kelli has been teaching for over six years, specializing in helping the beginner start. And is currently, a teacher for Ballard Music Academy, Musika, and many bright private students. Recently, she received a grant from the Seattle Office of Culture and Arts to create and teach a workshop for young female songwriters. And her next release 'Shepherdess' will be out June 14 on Flat Field Records.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Songwriter Workshop

I am so happy to announce that the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture has awarded me a grant. The grant is to teach a summer intensive songwriters workshop for young women. This is a scholarship program for five young women songwriters to participate in a program to develop their songwriting skills and share their creative process. It will be held in Seattle for five weeks. More TBA.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guitar Chords and Delilah

Delilah has been studying guitar for almost a year. Right now we are working on memorizing chords and learning to write charts. Here she is learning a flamenco chord progression and acing a test.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mimi and the Fender Amp

Mimi hates having her picture taken but loves guitar. Mimi is fifteen and has been taking guitar for two years. She has a natural pensity towards finger picking, solos, anything related to the blues and Daniel Bachmen. Last week, we went on the adventure of taking her amp apart. Her small 12"speaker, Fender amp has been having a lot of extra statice noise. We noticed that the jack, where the chord connects the amp and guitar was loose. So after an hour of looking up the schematic, and taking it apart, piece by piece, we were able to tighten a loose screw. This saved her a trip to the guitar shop. And she was able to start playing her electric guitar again.